The Future of Banking

The platform

Reinvent your bank’s experience:

Ubanquity’s platform helps you shift your operations and become an innovative digital bank immediately. It integrates smoothly with any core banking system and lets you monitor, manage and augment your banking capabilities. Ubanquity’s platform¬†helps you create and launch any new product and service on the go using our rich APIs.

Finally, Ubanquity’s platform releases your data giving you full control over your operations.


Our out-of-the-box solutions will help you drive customer experiences to a new level of engagement with your bank, as well as new interactions.

Furthermore, using our solutions you can target and reach your customers on different channels: website, self-service kiosks, mobile devices, social media channels, wearables and much more.

Also, we developed our solutions on top of Ubanquity Core, and we can roll them out autonomously of each other.

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