Built with a Robust Architecture

The Open Digital Banking Platform is built with a solid and secure architecture. It comes on top of your existing banking systems centralizing all your data and communications.

One-time Rapid Integration

The Open Digital Banking Platform integrates easily with any existing banking systems. A full integration cycle with our experts takes approximately two months to four months. Once the integration is complete, you will be able to:

  • Monitor and audit all integrated systems
  • Retrieve analytics about transaction or customer operation
  • Manage your bank’s operational business rules and workflows
  • Have full control over your data

A Platform for Innovation with Powerful APIs

Our Experience Layer is based on a built-in API Gateway that acts as the interface of the Platform to the external world. It exposes a set of APIs to you and/or to one or more authorized partners, such as Ubanquity, corporates, merchants, software developers, or to other technology providers.

It also allows you to monetize the APIs and implement its reliable and secure Services across various interfaces and applications.

Developer Space to Engage and Foster Innovation

The developer space makes it easier, faster and less expensive to create, test and market new solutions by the Bank’s Technology team or third party developers and solution providers.

Become a bank as a platform and drive innovation into your bank starting today



Marketplace Services to Bring Continuous Innovation

The Platform gives the Bank access to the Marketplace with an extensive list of Services that can bring more innovation to the Bank’s ecosystem. Ubanquity activates a set of services in the Marketplace that can be made available for free, or for a trial period, or subject to a License and Services Agreement. In addition to Ubanquity’s services, authorized third party vendors and developers may also publish their own services in the Marketplace.

Real-Time Analytics and Rich Customer Insights

All of your services and modules are managed and accessed using one user interface: Ubanquity’s Console. With content management, access control, monitoring and analytics, services management, the Console gives your IT and Business teams full control over all existing operations and customer insights in real-time.