Who are we?

We are a privately held Irish-based fintech specialising in making banking better and easier for everyone.

Our open banking platform offers banks a real-time intelligent layer that unifies data and functionality from existing core systems enabling them to deliver far superior customer experiences all from one unified platform.

Our no-code platform also gives banks the flexibility to launch and test new and exciting financial products at speed.

Say goodbye to multiple systems and complexity. Say hello to a simple data-first digital banking solution.

What we believe.

We believe in a real-time financial world, where data is available at the touch of a button, services can be extended in an instant and customer experiences can adapt to the customers’ actions. Everything we do is geared towards making this possible for every financial institution. We believe in helping banks to radically transform their digital capabilities, to become the banks of the future.

What we do.

We help banks and financial institutions shift their business and digital capabilities, freeing them from intrusive and costly transformations and migrations. This allows banks to further leverage past investments, while enabling more profitable and tangible new ones.

Our offices

Ubanquity is headquartered in Dublin, with regional offices in Dubai and Lagos.