Engagement Banking

Empowered and accelerated transformation.

A powerful API-enabled platform delivering true digital transformation.

Full stack architecture

Modular by design.

Leverage our modern technology and flexible platform to create your own banking experiences across all digital channels.

use only what you need

Plug and play modules.

Ubanquity’s platform is built on a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with containerised modules.

financial cloud

Marketplace banking.

The Financial Innovation Cloud works as a marketplace connecting banks, fintechs and regulatory bodies. This allows you to assemble your own digital bank from existing fintechs and licensed financial institutions that are connected through the marketplace.

future proofed

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Leverage data through embedded AI and Machine Learning module at scale. Offering banks predictive analytics, banks enables the development of new classification and predictive models. This includes customer attrition, next best offer, transaction categorisation, fraud detection, credit risk, charge-off detection and personalised products and services.

liberating data

Transform with impact.

Ubanquity’s Open Digital Banking Platform liberates data from across the various systems, augments it, and makes it available for consumption internally, or externally, with no vendor dependency.

Innovation Platform

Open Digital Banking platform with a modern API interface that has access to a rich set of capabilities, including digital process automation & a fully functional developer sandbox

Flexible Deployment

Supporting all options for deployment; On-prem, cloud and hybrid + built-in capabilities for instant cross-channel deployments of new experiences, features and capabilities


360-degree customer view across various channels & touch-points for a seamless experience every time

Modular Architecture

Reusable, container architecture for agile development & deployment with scale

Smart Technologies

Based on transactional, interactional & marketplace data through smart technologies (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) to drive personalised customer experience

Islamic Shariah-Compliant

Open Shariah-Compliant products such as Mudarabah, Musharakah, Takaful & others

Use cases

Who is it for?

Ubanquity open banking platform enables retail, business and islamic banks meet their exact customer needs – all from one unified platform.

Retail Banking

Give people the perfect blend of traditional and neobank capabilities. All on a single platform that works seamlessly across any device.

Business Banking

Quick, secure and mobile—take the stress out of their finances by giving small business owners the best money management tools for the job.

Islamic Banking

A flexible and innovative banking solution enabling Shari’ah compliant innovation, scalability and increased user engagement.

Our Clients

Our platform supports clients from all over the globe in over 12 languages.

We enable banks of all sizes to fully digitise their banking stack to offer innovative digital financial products with unparalleled user experiences.