Beirut, Lebanon, October 08, 2014 — Societe Generale de Banque au Liban (SGBL) launched its new mobile application “Banking with SGBL”. This incredibly practical app was developed by Ubanquity Systems Limited and empowers SGBL Group’s esteemed clients with a multichannel banking platform.

Truly personalized and easy to access, this novel application is available in three languages (English, French, and Arabic), works seamlessly on smartphones and tablets, and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Because SGBL always wants to give clients gratifying experiences, the app effectively combines carefully selected ergonomics and sleek design elements to facilitate smooth and fast browsing.

Equipped with six particularly useful and practical features, “Banking with SGBL” offers individuals an exceptionally user-friendly mobile experience that is pleasant, secure and saves time. Checking balances and transactions in real time lets customers stay up-to-date with all of their operations and sort them by category. Through the option of setting and monitoring his/her personal budget, the client receives alerts of his/her balance and cost overruns. Clients can even view the evolution charts of their spending and income. The “Banking with SGBL” application niftily locates the nearest branches, ATMs and merchants equipped with an SGBL POS. And last but not least, the messaging option lets clients stay in touch with their customer service agent and chat securely with the bank.

The launch of the “Banking with SGBL” mobile application not only strengthens SGBL’s multichannel approach and innovation strategy, but showcases its faith in the high potential and substantial development of mobile banking services in the near future. This app is ultimately part and parcel of SGBL’s commitment to always providing customers with more quality services.

As Georges Saghbini, Deputy General Manager of SGBL, stated:

“With the launch of the mobile application, SGBL confirms once again its role as a forerunner and innovator in the banking sector. It also underlines the ongoing commitment of the bank to offering its clients state-of-the-art tools and enabling them to live their everyday banking with more mobility and simplicity.”

Roy Zakka, Ubanquity chairman, added:

“We welcome this new partnership with SGBL and we look forward to deploying this innovative platform in Lebanon, Jordan and Cyprus.”


About SGBL
SGBL group is part of the international network of Societe Generale which operates in 76 countries worldwide. It offers a complete and personalized range of banking services covering universal as well as specialized financial services catered to all client categories. The Group has 3 core business lines:

  • Retail banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Private banking

About Ubanquity Systems Ltd.
Founded in 2011, Ubanquity Systems Limited is a leading whitelabel omnichannel solution provider to banks and financial institutions. Based on a next generation technology and a realtime customer engagement experience, Ubanquity’s portfolio consists of banking omnichannels, payments, analytics and loyalty solutions. Ubanquity Systems is an Irish company based in Dublin, with sales and support offices in the MENA region, including Lebanon and Jordan.

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