Dublin, Ireland, October 21, 2016 — Ubanquity Systems Ltd., a leading banking innovation platform and Omnichannel solutions provider, signed an agreement with the First National Bank in Lebanon to implement Ubanquity’s latest radical and cutting-edge technology.

Amidst digital disruption gaining ground in the banking industry in Lebanon and the Middle East, FNB, a fast growing Lebanese bank is joining the digital revolution.

Leading in the Lebanese market for over 20 years, FNB is adopting today a customer-centric approach and is working on expanding its services across various digital channels. The bank has always ensured a remarkable relationship with its clients and is keen on outspreading it in the digital world. FNB aims to enhance its existing customer experience with a unique and secure offering.

Through a rapid integration and a one-time deployment effort, Ubanquity will provide FNB with a robust and state-of-the-art platform that integrates wonderfully with its existing systems, extending their digital capabilities and granting the bank a comprehensive control over its operations and data.

Additionally, FNB will be able to roll out a rich set of out-of-the-box solutions that will drive an Omni channel experience across every touchpoint. FNB’s customers will benefit from account management, personal finance tools and real-time alerts on mobile and internet banking channels.

In words of Ubanquity’s Founder and CEO, Roy Zakka:

“We are very excited about working with the First National Bank in Lebanon, being a leading bank with a strategy to shift its digital capabilities and offering to a new level of innovation and customer engagement.

We have been involved in the Lebanese market for the past decade and there has never been a more exciting – or challenging – time to be in the banking industry. Delivering Ubanquity’s technology to FNB will be a great accomplishment for our company.”

In words of First National Bank’ Management

“With an aim to become one of the top banking gatekeepers of latest digital technologies, we are proud that FNB is joining forces with Ubanquity.

Ubanquity, being a main leader in the Lebanese market with extensive expertise in the digital services, will provide FNB with the opportunity to further develop the existing customer experiences with the digital revolution that is sweeping the banking sector with new technologies, skills, and opportunities.

By working together, we can bridge operational gaps to ensure more effective and efficient operations and enhance our efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Our objective is to promote the most efficient use of the Ubanquity’s platform, providing customers access to new services through diverse digital channels.”


About Ubanquity Systems Ltd.
Ubanquity Systems Ltd. is an Irish-based company specialized in offering ubiquitous and cutting-edge products and solutions to banks and financial institutions, catering to your next generation of customers, in an ever-changing environment. Ubanquity’s solutions integrate with any Core Banking System, ATM switch, Payment Gateway, and all Social Networks right out of the box. Ubanquity’s solutions can be deployed to production in mere months in Arabic, English, and French. Founded in 2011, Ubanquity Systems is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with sales and support offices across the MENA region, including Lebanon, Jordan, and soon the GCC.


About First National Bank
First National Bank (FNB) is a leading full-service banking institution, operating in Lebanon, categorized within the alpha group banks, with a nationwide network of 26 branches and 15 standalone ATMs covering all the major areas in Lebanon.
Founded in 1994, FNB conducts commercial, retail, finance, and investment banking activities throughout the Middle East while offering a broad range of novelty products and upscale banking services.
FNB Group is considered one of the fastest growing Lebanese banks.


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